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Benefits of Coconut Oil: health benefits of coconut oil that you have never known before

Written by Dr. Coconut. Posted in Coconut Oil


Nowadays, most people including nutritionist belief that saturated  fat is unhealthy. They also believe that coconut oil/virgin coconut oil is not good oil for eating, cooking, ..etc. This is because it contain high level of saturated fat which raises blood cholesterol and contributes to heart disease. In fact, newer research show that some saturated fat is good and crucial for human health. Similarly to saturated fat, instead of negative for health, coconut oil provides lots of benefits for health.







coconut-oil-metabolized-Laurich-coconut-oilCoconut oil help increasing metabolism and are more easily digested/absorbed in human body than fats which are found in other vegetable oils. Coconut oil helps to stimulate body's thyroid function. This gland produces T3 and T4 hormones which are control the conversion of oxygen and calories into energy (body's metabolism). As the result, the fat that was consumed and collected in your body will be burned up in to energy faster. Moreover, coconut oil supplies you with an immediate energy source. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCT) which are delivered directly into liver and immediately converted into energy. Not the same as Long chain fatty acid (LCT) in most vegetable oils which are normally stored as fat before it has been converted into body's energy. So, people who get diabete (lack of insulin to convert sugar into energy) are able to consume coconut oil as dairy diet.


coconut-oil-weight-loss-by-laurich-coconut-oilCoconut oil is the perfect choice for the people who want to stay lean and healthy.

Have you ever heard about Eat Fat Look Thin ? In 1940, the farmers fatten up their livestock by feeding the coconut oil. Unfortunately, the coconut oil was producing the opposite effect. All animals on their farm were energizing and looked thin. Therefore, it is a very bad idea using coconut oil to fatten up your animals or yourself. We can say that coconut oil is suitable to used for dairy diet and weight loss supplement. 




coconut oil and antioxidants by laurich premium coconut oil

Coconut oil is recommended for every people who want handsome/beautiful in natural way. The most effective natural skin and hair care is coconut oil. Coconut oil contains plenty of efficient antioxidants and saturated fat. This help to protect free radicals which destroy body cell and support immune system. Coconut oil also has high level of vitamin E which keeps your skin healthy, prevent your skin from aging effects and reduce the appearance of wrinkle. Try using coconut oil daily, your skin will be naturally softer, smoother and more youthful.


Making healthy dishes is a piece of cake for you by using coconut oil. The major type of fat in coconut oil is saturated fat. The coconut oil's saturated fat is far more stable in your body. The stable fat does not get oxidized or easily damaged. In other words, coconut oil is not easily transform to "Tran Fat". Unlike other refined cooking oils, most vegetable cooking oils always produce Tran Fat in high temperature while cooking. As we know before, Tran fat is an origin of disease as cell damage and cancer because it is a toxicity to our body and can cause widespread free-radical damage. Therefore, coconut oil is suitable for deep fried cooking, salad dressing. For good health living, let's replace your current cooking oil to coconut oil.

lover-coconut-oil"Coconut oil is fantastic erotic oil. The smell and taste of coconut oil will blow your mind when you use it during sex. It will really enhance the sexual experience." (Steve Water).  Coconut oil has no cholesteral by itself but it helps to balance blood cholesterol ratio by increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol). This contributes to good health and supports our body to produce sex hormone which enhance libido. In addition, coconut oil also can be used as lubricant for sexual pleasure.


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