Laurich Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Litre

100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for consumption, health product and Spa.This product can either be used to mix in food as a salad dressing or as a skin moisturizer and softener for your body skin or hair cares.

Laurich Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ml (Premium Quality)

Laurich Thai Extra Virgin Coconut oil is 100% pure and clear oil that is free from cholesterol, trans-fats and genetically modified ingredients. It is suitable for health supplement and consumption. In order to extract the best purified oil with a high percentage of lauric AcidLaurich use the cold extraction in process (Cold Pressed). For Natural virgin and freshness, Laurich also does not allow using any chemical during the manufacturing process. This product can either be used to mix in food as a salad dressing or cooking.


What is the right coconut oil for you?

Coconut oils are not all the same in quality, appearance, flavour, aroma, taste.  There are so many brands of virgin coconut oil on the market therefore it is very difficult to choose the best between them. It is important to know that the key to the quality of virgin coconut oil can vary as a result of how coconut oil has been produced and what kind of equipment was used during the production, the hygienic conditions, handling and packaging. All these factors are crucial to the taste, appearance and preservation of coconut oil.


Why Laurich's Thai virgin Coconut Oil should be your first choice ?

- 100% Natural, Vegetarian, and Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients.

- Premium Quality

-  Fantastic natural Coconut taste

Clear/Pure/smooth texture

-  Easy to Swallow as Water

- Light natural coconut scent

- Rancidity/Sour Smell guaranteed

- Made from hand picked Thai Coconut

- Cold Processed with Centrifugal Extraction (no heat allowed), Unrefined, Non-Hydrogenated


Laurich's Thai extra virgin coconut oil product is excellent for health care, Diet/Weightloss

- Helps maintain already healthy levels of cholesterol and thermogenesis.

- Great for low carbohydrate diets.

-"Eat Fat look Thin" Coconut oil is an instant energy source but contains no cholesterol, no trans-fatty acids.

- So it can be used in place of butter for cooking, frying, baking or in smoothies.

- Coconut oil contains plenty of Lauric Acid and Natural Antioxidant such as Vitamin E (Tocopherol+Tocotrienol), Phytosterols and Phenolic compounds.


Storage information:

- Laurich Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is very stable and therefore does not need to be refrigerated. Our coconut oil will stay fresh for up to three years without refrigeration. However, if you prefer hardened coconut oil instead of liquid, you can keep your jar/bottlein refrigerator.

- Store at room temperature. If stored below 25°C  Genuine virgin coconut oil will solidify. If exposed to temperatures above 25°C Laurich pure coconut oil will become a crystal clear liquid. This is a natural process and no goodness is lost in the transition.

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